Tayo Collective

Wipe Every Tear (W.E.T.) Inc. is an organization that rescues women trafficked in the sex trade in the Philippines, giving them opportunities to go to school and livelihood. Its social enterprise, Tayo Collective, is an effort to expand the help given to these women scholars who not only go to school but are trained with skills that can be useful for them in the future. 

Tayo Collective's organic, zero- waste products are not only made with great beneficial ingredients for the body but with love.

All ingredients are mostly locally sourced, natural, and organic. The bars have no chemicals or fragrances that are not plant-based.

The hands that made your bars are the same hands that have been freed from slavery and bondage.

These products tell stories of restoration and hope.

Tayo Collective is pro-poor, pro-environment, and pro-freedom.

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