Payment Policies

Customers can choose from 2 Modes of Payment to settle their orders:


Choose this payment option for all Credit Card/Debit Card Payments.


You may settle payment when order is delivered to your doorstep.

For cash-on-delivery payment option, if payment is not settled at the first delivery of order, customers are given 2 more opportunities to settle payment WITHIN THE DAY (2 more deliveries of the order by the courier). If at the third delivery customer is still not able to settle payment, order is automatically cancelled and will be returned to the merchant.

This is NOT available to deliveries outside of Metro Manila.

1. After confirming the order, please deposit or transfer the total amount of your order to either of the following accounts:
Bank: BPI
Account Type: Savings Account
Account Name: Katherine Marice C. Cruz
Account number: 3089-3261-08
Bank: BDO
Account Type: Savings Account
Account Name: Fiel P. Buencamino Jr.
Account number: 0080-6007-7142
2. Once the deposit / transfer has been made, scan the proof of payment.
3. Email the proof of payment to
4. The shipping of the order will start 1 day after the proof of payment has been emailed. (The duration of the shipping will depend on the shipping option you chose for your order.)
5. Enjoy your order!
More payment options coming soon!