Return and Exchange Policy

Fill up the exchange form here.

Replacement (For damaged or incorrect products)

Damaged and/or incorrect products received by the customer may be filed for Exchange within 3 days after receiving the order (timestamp will be when One-Time-Pin is input in courier rider’s phone during delivery). Replacements are free-of-charge for customers. 


  1. Customer is to fill up an Exchange form (click link above) on the Our Source Shopify site. The form must be submitted within 3 days after receiving order (timestamp will be when One-Time-Pin is input in courier rider’s phone during delivery) to qualify for Exchange.
  2. Pictures of the product must be attached to the Exchange form:
    • Front & Back of the product
    • Showing the attached brand tag
    • Showing damaged portion or incorrect specification of ordered product (ie. Size, color, flavor, scent, type of product, etc.)
  3. confirmation email will be sent by Our Source to the customer within 24 hours after submitting the Exchange form. The confirmation email will indicate whether submitted Exchange form was deemed valid and qualified for processing. 
  4. Damaged and/or incorrect product will be exchanged with correct and/or good condition product within 5-7 working days after confirmation email is sent.
  5. Courier will notify customer when delivery of new product is to be made.
  6. When new product is delivered, old product will be surrendered to courier’s rider.
  7. Damaged products (ie. Stains, tears, signs of wear, etc.) and products without attached tags will not be accepted for exchange.