Maison Métisse

Honest, Ethical and Handmade in the Philippine Islands

Our Story

Métisse is the French word for a woman of mixed ancestry.

Maison Métisse is inspired by this concept and expressed the kind of woman a métisse is. Not necessarily by blood, but by her life, her travels, her experiences, her heartbreaks, her joys and how she has evolved into the woman that she is.

The collection is an expression of our founder’s world, “her Philippines”. Being métisse herself, it expresses her discoveries, her knowledge, and wisdom gained from her childhood, travels and experiences.

Maison Métisse is also a creative space dedicated to honor design, craftsmanship and one spirit : human-made.

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Meet Adrienne, The Founder

Adrienne Charuel is from Manila, Philippines, and is the multi-faceted artist behind Maison Métisse.

She studied Fashion Design in Esmod, Paris. After her studies, she moved to New York and discovered Japanese Saori weaving, a technique of simple traditional subtleties with a modern, free-spirited sense of beauty, fluidity and creativity.

Saori’s free form, Zen-based weaving style, has enabled Adrienne to develop her own uniquely spirited creative identity. It was this art that led her to explore different mediums and craftsmanship such as the art of Ai-Zome, Macrame and natural dyes among other things.

All her creations are designed to bring beauty, value and joy into the lives they land in.

Maison Métisse is a manifestation of her dream to touch lives and create freely with no boundaries.

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Experience the world of Handmade

Celebrating universal cultural heritage with Filipino traditions and craftsmanship through a contemporary line of clothing, accessories, jewelry and decor. Our artisanal items are all handcrafted in small batches with great care making each piece truly unique.

Each piece is made with passion - reminding us the amazing capacity of the human soul and hands when left to create without the interventions of modern technology. Promoting ethical fashion not only through our methods and resources but through collaborations with local communities to revive lost traditions and improve their livelihoods.

Creations that bring meaning, value and joy.

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