Here's Why Your Vehicle Is Affecting the Environment—And What You Can Do to Stop It

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World Car-Free Day is celebrated to raise awareness in reducing the impacts of using cars to both air and noise pollution. Cars are attributed to about 27% of the total carbon emissions in the atmosphere at about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Carbon dioxide, along with the other greenhouse gases (methane, water vapor, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide) contribute to climate change.

These greenhouse gases form a blanket in the atmosphere that trap infrared radiation emitted by the Earth and bounces it back to the surface which causes climate change. This is already experienced with the increase in global temperature, increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events, melting polar ice caps, and sea level rise among others.

To decrease these impacts, World Car-Free Day promotes the use of alternatives to using cars to lessen one’s carbon emissions. Possible alternatives include carpooling or planning out to lessen car rides. Using public transportation can also lessen the overall emissions or walking to destinations that are relatively near.

A more sustainable and systemic approach in decreasing carbon emissions is by demanding our local government units to make streets pedestrian-friendly and safe to promote walking. LGUs should invest in bike lanes and better mass public transportation.

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