Global Climate Strike: The climate is changing, why aren't we?

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It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your coals.

The climate is changing. Why aren’t we?

There is no Planet B.

Listen now or suffer forever.


These are just a few of the demands written on placards across the globe, as millions sound the alarm on the worsening global crisis.

People from several nations are trooping to the streets for the Global Climate Strike — a weeklong, worldwide climate protest from September 20 to 27.

Strategically scheduled during the week leaders convene at the UN Climate Summit to discuss their climate change initiatives, activists and people who simply care about the planet call on lawmakers to take action now — or let future generations face the consequences of our actions.

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist making headlines for her fearless statements on climate change, is not mincing her words even to the world’s most powerful people. She has become the face of the youth, the beacon of hope for the hopeless.

But just like Greta, various youth groups here in the Philippines are fed up of apathetic politicians, greedy businessmen, and idle countrymen. 20 different groups joined the strike in 17 different locations across the country. They dedicated the protest to the people who were killed defending the environment.

“You come to us young people for hope. How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” Greta cried to leaders at the UN Summit.

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