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Welcome to Our Source! We’re with you for any stage of your sustainable lifestyle journey. Who are we? Our Source is a web platform that supports local sustainable enterprises and provides them with a channel to showcase their sustainable products. More than just retailers, we are storytellers who want to make information on sustainable lifestyle practices easily accessible and understandable by creating relevant content. What problem are we addressing? The lack of awareness, knowledge, and the inaccessibility of sustainable products. Various environmental, social and economic problems have resulted from our usual ways of consumption and our ignorance on the impacts they have on our surroundings. Our Source believes that one of the most effective ways to address these problems, besides technological advancement, is through sustainable consumerism. Changing our consumption behavior would be the...

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Life Cycle Assesment

On all brand pages, we include a breakdown of our LCA for each of our partner brands. We also include an overall LCA rating. What is LCA? Life Cycle Assessment or LCA is a ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach for evaluating the environmental impacts of a product through all the stages of its life cycle, from how materials are sourced and created to how the products are disposed of. By showing you the results of our LCA, Our Source helps you make more informed decisions to support a sustainable lifestyle. Learn about the different stages in the life cycle below: RAW MATERIALS EXTRACTION We call this the “Cradle.” In this stage, we take into account all raw materials and resources taken from the earth...

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