Squeaky Clean Kids: The Local Soap Brand Now Fighting for Clean Water

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Water is a basic necessity, but we often take it for granted. Can you imagine a life without clean potable water for drinking and cooking? Unfortunately, this is the reality of ‘Islang Uhaw’ (Thirsty Island) of Barangay Cobrador in Romblon. They solely rely on rainwater as drinking water. When rain does not fall, they usually resort to ocean water.

With that pressing concern in mind, Squeaky Clean Kids joined forces with The Bayanihan Eco Project, which aims to raise 100,000 pesos for building the third rainwater collection tank for the island’s community.

To augment the initiative’s fundraising, Squeaky Clean Kids will be giving P50 of every ‘After the Rain’ shampoo bar purchase made. And to further support the project, Squeaky Clean Kids and Our Source is opening donations through OurSource.ph. You can donate in three ways: 

  1. Add a donation to your shopping cart upon checkout
  2. Go to the product page and click on the direct link to place your donations
  3. Purchase After the Rain shampoo bar (for pre-order, to be available mid-November). 50 pesos of this purchase goes to the fundraiser for Barangay Cobrador. 

    Potable water is a necessity and a basic human right. Your donations will help build a rainwater collection tank so that the people of Cobrador can have clean drinking water for a lifetime. 

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