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Hey guys! It’s Fiel Buencamino, co-founder of Our Source.

A clean and simple morning routine is key to jumpstarting your day. The team and I have rounded up 8 sustainable products that are sure to be your next morning buddies.

Wake up | I get up at 6:30AM next to my Indigo Pillow by Maison Metisse. It’s plump, comfortable, and homemade using natural indigo dye.

Wash my hands | I make sure my hands are clean before applying anything on my face. We picked Squeaky Clean Kids' Goat's Milk, Honey and Oats Bar for its nourishing and exfoliating effects.

Wash my face | Apotheke Science's Men's Pure Castile Facial Wash is my go-to product for removing dirt from my pores without drying my skin. It's fragrance-free with no animal fats or parabens, plus it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

Wash my hair | I love using the Bora Shampoo Bar by Suds because of its crisp cotton scent. I wet my hair and the bar, then lather the shampoo from my scalp to ends.

Skincare | To cleanse my skin more, I use Apotheke Science's Firming Toner for Men and apply it with Green Cotton Rounds. Some of its benefits include shrinking pores, removing deep-seated dirt, and treating blemishes. An extra tip: Put it inside the fridge for an extra cooling effect. The undyed rounds can also be used to wipe a spill, tend to a wound, and can even be used as a coaster.

Skincare | When I have pimples or blemishes, I apply Apotheke Science's Spot Treatment to dry them out and calm inflammation. The scent is natural, earthy, and comes from the plant extracts.

Protect my skin | Before heading out, I always smear on the Outdoor Protect Bar by Kampupot to protect my skin from the sun. It's vegan, waterproof, and non-sticky. It also serves as an insect repellent.

I hope this simple morning routine was able to show you guys how sustainable products are just like other products on the market--they're foolproof and easy to use. But more than that, they don't harm the environment in any way. And I guess that's even better.

'Til next time!

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