9 must-try products for a sustainable lifetsyle

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Remember: Don’t buy what you don’t need.

We put together this list as a guide for your next Our Source haul — if you’re already running low on supply or if you’re just about to start your sustainability journey.

After all, living a sustainable life means you want to lessen your use of our planet’s resources. Experts have warned that humans are using up the Earth’s resources so quickly that people have consumed a year’s worth in just seven months.

But if you don’t know where to start, here are nine sustainable products you should try from our merchants:

1. Blanket Poncho by Maison Métisse

  • Comfy and stylish, this unique piece is a must-have in your wardrobe. Made out of 100% cotton thread, the Blanket Poncho is handwoven and hand embroidered by the Philippine Itneg Tribe. This stunning poncho looks beautiful on anyone and contributes to the community involved with the production of each purchase.

2. Wheat straw utensils by We & Company 

  • These wheat straws are ultra light and travel-friendly. The set is made out of wheat so it is 100% plastic-free, organic, and eco-friendly. Being made only from wheat straw and natural dyes, We & Company’s utensils are compostable, meaning they can disintegrate into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil.

3. Goat’s Milk, Honey and Oats soap by Squeaky Clean Kids

  • This soap bar is packed with ingredients that are perfect for nourishing your skin. Goat’s milk contains alpha–hydroxy acids (AHA) that help breakdown dead skin cells, revealing a smooth appearance. Honey has antioxidant properties which help remove dirt from pores, and oatmeal provides gentle exfoliation.

4. Bora Shampoo Bar by Suds Bath & Body

  • Can’t find a shampoo bar with good chemistry with your hair? Well the search is over. The Bora Shampoo Bar lathers quickly after one swipe. This bar is handmade using natural and cruelty-free materials, and it also gives off a crisp cotton scent.

5. TOTEdo Na Tote Bag 001 by RIOtaso 

  • The fashion industry is factually one of the most polluting industries in the world. We pay a high price for aesthetic appeal. RIOtaso’s TOTEdo Na Tote Bag 001 reminds us that we can lessen this part of our ecological footprint through sustainable fashion. This tote bag’s practical and sustainable style is something you can safely associate with. Reversible and reusable, it’s perfect for grocery shopping and everyday use.

6. Outdoor Protect Bar by Kampupot

  • Meet your new outdoor buddy! This all-natural, reef-safe, waterproof product is your next substitute to the traditional coral-damaging and pore blocking sunscreen. 24% of the 30SPF 12g bar consists of zinc oxide — which helps to block 97% of harmful UVB rays. It’s vegan, non-sticky, and also serves as an insect repellant. 

7. Niacinamide 10% by Apotheke Science

  • Maximize your skin’s health with Apotheke Science. Their best seller is concentrated Vitamin B3 in a bed of aloe vera extract, aloe vera gel , and seaweed extract (as a natural binder). Also known as Niacinamide 10% — it helps to tighten skin, smoothen out wrinkles, calms inflammation, heals acne, unclogs congestion and shrinks pores to increase your skin's health through organically sustainable practices.

8. Reusable Undyed Cotton Rounds (3pcs/set) by Green Cotton Rounds

  • Here’s the scoop! Wipe a spill, remove makeup or nail polish, tend to a wound, use as a coaster, add to your impressive collection of knitted material, knit a few together and create a fask mask — these are just some of the ways you can use and reuse these hyperversatile undyed cotton rounds. The 3 piece set comes in three sizes that can help you keep up with your sustainable habits. 

9. Shampoo tablets by Altr

  • ALTR your lifestyle with four alternative shampoo tablets: Falling Star (lavender scent for all hair types), No Cloud In The Sky (citrus, floral scent for all hair types), Green Come True (green tea scent for anti-hair fall), and Frostbite (peppermint, tea tree scent for anti-dandruff). Each is made with mild coconut surfactant, coconut oil, pro-vitamin B5, plant protein, witch hazel, and essential oils.

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